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Lakeside Dental Management provides exceptional dental practice management and leadership support. Our team brings decades of experience in pediatric dental and orthodontic practice management and can leverage our lending, vendor, and hands-on expertise and training to any practice seeking additional support. Lakeside Dental Management’s affiliated practices have a partner that is dedicated to supporting a successful practice built upon a foundation centered around excellent clinical care and patient experience.

The Lakeside Team Supports Its Practices In Many Ways

We manage business operations and provide administrative support for our practices.

Careers with Lakeside Dental Management & Their Supported Practices

If you’re a recent graduate or an experienced dental professional looking for a change of pace, the Lakeside supported practices may have a career that is perfect for you! We need compassionate, dedicated people to help grow our teams and support the patients. We’re always looking for talented dental professionals with wonderful personalities and a passion for their profession.

Lakeside’s Practice Support Services

Meet The Business Partner You’ve Been Looking For

If you’re a practice owner who’s tired of going it alone, we can help. We’re a group of dentists and industry veterans with decades of experience in pediatric and orthodontic dentistry who can shoulder your management load while you focus on clinical work.

Lakeside Dental Surgery Center

Opening Soon!

Lakeside Dental Surgery Center will be a single-specialty, ambulatory surgery center dedicated to the dental treatment of children of northeast Florida and southeast Georgia in a safe and comfortable environment. Patients will receive their dental treatment while under general anesthesia, delivered from the care of a pediatric anesthesiologist. The procedures performed in this office will include restorative dental procedures, such as filling cavities and placing crowns, as well as extracting teeth. This office, along with its affiliated and credentialed dental professionals, will provide access to safe and comfortable dental care to all children in the region.


We Specialize in Supporting


Our Supported Practices

We are always on the lookout for new partnerships. Take a look at our current locations to see if you feel like your practice might be a good fit to join our team!

Our Mission

Lakeside Dental Management’s mission is to provide superior support to our affiliated practices, their teams, and their patients and families through leadership, operations, and expertise that is grounded in empathy, compassion, and diligence. Our team is responsible for supporting our affiliated practices to a level that allows the providers and clinical and administrative teams to focus on providing excellent clinical care and patient experience.

Lakeside Dental Management’s company decisions are measured by the answers to two questions – Does it provide a better job for our team members? – or – Does it make the dental experience better for our patients and their parents? “Yes” must be the answer to either question. The best decisions will be those that answer “yes” to both.

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If you want to learn more about how Lakeside Dental Management can help support your dental practice, please reach out and introduce yourself. We’ll be in touch shortly!

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